Q:    Can freshers easily get a core job in Electronics?

A:    Why not? But you should know the basics like C language, Basics electronics, Data Structures. Nowadays competition is increasing. So we have to upgrade our knowledge more. We will Post the jobs Here. Please apply for your suitable job category.

Q:    Which company is good, whether startups or MNC?

A:    If you get an embedded job in any company that is good 🙂  You can learn a lot when you start your career with a startup. But your salary will be less compared to MNC.

Q:    What is the best salary to start your career?

A:    My kind advice is, don’t look at the salary for the first two years. For the first two years, you have to learn the technologies and industrial projects. Once you have completed two or three years your salary will go high compared to IT professionals. So first two years you have to sacrifice your salary if you getting low.

"First Learn. Then Earn"

Q:    What are the domains in the Embedded field?

A:     There are a lot of domains in this field. Linux, IoT, Automotive, Firmware, Digital Audio, Device Driver, Medical devices, etc.

Q:    I’m a fresher but I don’t have any basic knowledge about embedded. How would I get a job here?

A: Nowadays most of the engineering students don’t have basic knowledge, but they want only a core job. This is because of our institution. Not our problem. So first you should learn the stuff with practical. For that, we cannot buy more hardware. So what you can do is, you can join one good institution for 6 months of training. There you can get knowledge with placement. We will also Post the jobs Here. Please apply for your suitable job category.

Q:    How to search for the embedded job?

A:    Don’t go to the company directly unless they call. So here also you have to use the technology. I mean to use Naukri, LinkedIn. This is the best place to search for a job. Just apply for the job using these platforms. Prepare your resume well. We have posted some embedded companies in India. Just go to their website->career. If you found any opening which is related to the embedded, you can apply there also.

If you have any other questions to ask us, please Contact Us or write a mail to [email protected].

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