Multiple External Interrupts in PIC16F877A

We have already seen External Interrupt, Serial, Timer Interrupts in our previous tutorial. In this tutorial we are going to see How to use Multiple External Interrupts in PIC16F877A. Interrupts in PIC16F877A As the name suggests Interrupts are special events that requires immediate attention, it stops a microcontroller/microprocessor from the running task and to serve a special task … Read more

LDR Sensor Interfacing with LPC2148

In this tutorial, we are going to see LDR Sensor Interfacing with LPC2148. Prerequisites Before starting this tutorial we should know the below topics. If you know already, please go further. LPC2148 GPIO Tutorial LCD Interfacing with LPC2148 LPC2148 ADC Tutorial Components Required LPC2148 Development Board LDR Sensor LED LCD Module Introduction The dominance of … Read more

RF Module Interfacing with LPC2148

In this tutorial we are going to see RF Module Interfacing with LPC2148. RF is very useful for wireless communication projects. Let’s start. Prerequisites Before we will start i would suggest you to read these topics. Then you can understand this strongly. If you already know, please go ahead. LPC2148 Introduction LPC2148 GPIO Tutorial LPC2148 Interrupt … Read more

PIC16F877A – Timer/Counter Tutorial

Now we will see the PIC16F877A Timer Tutorial. If you read this tutorial, you could generate this precise delay for your applications. Let’s start. PIC16F877A Timer Tutorial As the name suggests these are used to measure the time or generate the accurate time delay. The microcontroller can also generate/measure the required time delays by running … Read more

PIC16F877A GPIO Tutorial

8051 GPIO Tutorial

Now we are going to see PIC16F877A LED Interfacing Tutorial (PIC16F877A GPIO Tutorial). If you want to interface LED, you should know Registers used for GPIO. At the end of this tutorial you will be familiar with the PIC GPIO’s and the associated registers for configuring and accessing the GPIO’s. Prerequisites PIC16F877A Introduction PIC16F877A GPIO Tutorial … Read more

LPC2148 – Timer/Counter Tutorial

Today we will learn about LPC2148 Timer/Counter. In LED Interfacing program, we were used random delay, which is not precise. Now its time to improvise and induce precise delay using timers. Timer and counter is very important feature which allows us to provide time variable to our microcontroller based project. Most microcontrollers comes with built-in … Read more

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