Introduction to the embedded system and 8051

Embedded Interview Topics

These are the most frequently asked topics in Embedded Interview.

Embedded Interview Topics

C Language Topics

  1. Common Inetrview Questions
  2. Compilation Steps
  3. Memory Layout of the Program
  4. Enum In C Language
  5. Macro Vs Inline
  6. Pointers in C Basic
  7. Pointers in C Advanced
  8. Different Types of Pointers in C
  9. Const and Volatile In C (Qualifiers)
  10. Storage Class in C (Auto, Static, Extern, Register)
  11. TypeCasting in C
  12. TypeDef in C
  13. Bitwise Operator in C
  14. Stringizing and Token Pasting Operator in C

Communication Protocol Topics

  1. Serial Communication 
  2. I2C Bascis
  3. I2C Advanced
  4. SPI

Embedded Topics

  1. Interrupt Concepts
  2. RTOS Basics
  3. RTOS Advanced
  4. Stack Pointer and Program Pointer

Linux Device Driver

  1. Device Driver Introduction
  2. WaitQueues
  3. Top Half and Bottom Half in Interrupts
  4. Signals to User Space

Linux Application

  1. TCP & UDP (Sockets)
  2. Fork, Vfork, Exec
  3. Signals
  4. Threads