Embedded Interview Topics

These are the most frequently asked topics in Embedded Interview.

Embedded Interview Topics

C Language Topics

Introduction to C Programming
Operators in C
Bitwise Operator in C
Data types in C Programming
Variables in C Programming
Storage Class in C Programming
Functions in C (Call by value, Call by reference & Recursive Function)
Preprocessor in C Programming
Macro VS Inline
Typedef Tutorial
Enum Tutorial
Typecasting Tutorial
Qualifiers Tutorial
Little and Big Endian
Flow Control in C
Conditional Statements in C (if, if…else, else if, nested if, switch)
Loops in C – For, While, Do While loop
Jump Statements in C – break, continue, goto, return
Array in C programming
Strings in C – String manipulation
Structure, Structure Padding, Packing, Bit fields
Union in C Programming
Pointers - Part 1
Pointers - Part 2
Types Of Pointers in C
Callback Function in C
Compilation Steps of C Program
Memory Layout of C Program
Stringizing Operator (#)
Token Pasting Operators (##)
Understanding of container_of macro
Flexible Array Member in C (FAM)
Introduction – Data Structures Part 1
Stack Data Structure – Data Structures Part 2
Stack using Linked list – Data Structures Part 3
Queue Data Structure – Data Structures Part 4
Queue using Linked list – Data Structures Part 5

Communication Protocol Topics

  1. Serial Communication 
  2. I2C Basics
  3. I2C Advanced
  4. SPI

Embedded Topics

  1. Interrupt Concepts
  2. RTOS Basics
  3. RTOS Advanced
  4. Stack Pointer and Program Counter
  5. What happens when you press the reset button in the microcontroller?
  6. GPIO and How it is working?
  7. VIC and NVIC in Cortex M4

Linux Device Driver

  1. Device Driver Introduction
  2. WaitQueues
  3. Top Half and Bottom Half in Interrupts
  4. Signals to User Space

Linux Application

  1. TCP & UDP (Sockets)
  2. Fork, Vfork, Exec
  3. Signals
  4. Threads

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