Pointers in C – Part 2

Hi guys here we will discuss about the Advanced concepts of Pointers. If you weren’t read the Basic pointer concepts please visit Here. Now, we will try to develop understanding of some of the relatively complex concepts. The following are explained in this article with examples: Constant pointer and pointer to constant. Pointer to pointer … Read more

Pointers in C – Part 1

Hi all…. In this tutorial we are going to see pointers in C. This is very big concept. So I have split this  into two parts. Click Here for Part 2 Let’s start.


The concept of pointers is one of the most powerful fundamentals of C/C++ language. Through pointers a developer can directly access memory from his/her code which makes memory related operations very fast. But, as always, with great power comes great responsibility. A developer has to very carefully make use of pointers in order to avoid some problems that can be nightmare to debug.

Read more

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