Structure, Structure Padding, Packing, Bit fields in C Programming

Structures in C

There are many built-in data types are available in the C programming language. User also can create their own data types using Structures, Unions, Bit-Fields, typedef, and enum. In this article, we will see the Structure, Structure Pointers, Structure padding, and Bit fields in C Programming. Structures, Structure Pointers, Structure padding, Bit fields in C … Read more

Callback Function in C Programming

Callback Function in C

If you learning or working on any programming language, someone has asked you to create a callback function. If you are a beginner, then you will get confused what is the callback function and how to create the callback function. Callback functions are a vital and often critical concept when the developers need to create … Read more

Pointers in C – Part 2

Pointers Advanced concepts in C

This is the continuation of the last tutorial. Now, we will discuss Pointers Advanced concepts.  You can also read different types of pointers, Qualifiers in C, and Embedded Interview topics. Pointers Advanced concepts Now, we will try to develop an understanding of some of the relatively complex concepts. The following are explained in this article … Read more

Pointers in C – Part 1

Pointers in C

In this tutorial, we are going to see the pointers in C programming. This is a very big concept. So, we have split this into two parts. Please check out the pointers part 2.  You can also read, Different types of pointers, bitwise operators, and embedded interview topics. Pointers in C Introduction The concept of … Read more