How to Be a Smart Customer: Your Ultimate Guide

Did you know being a customer is as big a responsibility as being a service or product provider? Well, now you know. Customers have been constantly instructed to become Smart for a long time. Many brands, consumer rights platforms, and mass media have launched campaigns to deliver awareness regarding how customers can be woke, vocal, and wise with their purchases.

In this blog, we will tell you a few tips on being a smart customer so you always have benefits. We will discuss how having basic product and price knowledge and the ability to deal with customer service departments can help you get your way easily. For your understanding, we will discuss an example from Xfinity customer service so you can know how real situations work. Let’s start!

Outsmart companies by being a smart customer

Before we get into the pointers, it is very important to understand that the purpose of this article is not to make you petty against hardworking companies. Instead, it is to help you navigate your way through situations. Sometimes, we cannot communicate properly due to many misunderstandings and take too much time on the phone to explain what is wrong. The pointers below will help you with such and related issues.

  • Know your product: Basic product knowledge helps you sail through the initial turbulence. There are two benefits to knowing what you want: number one, that you will not be fooled, and number two, that you will make your purchase smartly. It is not only about knowing what the product is and what it does but also about knowing how and what needs it will fulfill on your end. Sometimes, people also fall for upsells despite not needing it. Be very smart and vigilant about it and get only what you need.
  • Pay Value for Quality: The modern world of manufacturing and industries has created many products that serve the same purpose. The market is stacked with products in every price range and quality. To be a smart customer, know the quality of each price tag. There are only two options: get something cheap but less sustainable or invest a good amount into a product or service that works for a long time. There is one catch: sometimes, an expensive product can also decay, so be careful and check everything before deciding.
  • Know who to complain to: This is one of the most vital tips to being a savvy customer: you should know who to complain to. Most of the time, the only reason why we cannot get issues resolved to get a prompt solution is that we are complaining and asking the wrong person for it. For example, if you purchase a router from a retail store and it is damaged, you should complain to the store. However, if there is an issue with the internet signal and connection, the store can’t help you, and you need to contact Xfinity Customer Service or any other internet provider you have. This tip will save you so much time and energy if practiced correctly.
  • Don’t shy away from queries: If you think asking questions or getting details about your queries makes you look less intelligent, you are probably not as smart of a customer. Always remember that nobody knows everything about a product or service since there are so many technical points of view on it. Before you make a purchase, always ask all the questions you might have. Create a list and keep asking until you are up to your satisfaction. The workers at the stores and people on customer service lines are specially trained to help you with it. You are not a burden or an extra-effort customer to them; instead, you are just trying to help them practice their job.
  • Know your way around Customer service: This is a valuable pointer for after you have purchased or availed of a service. Customer service is essential to any smooth customer interaction, and you should know the art of working around it. Know your problem, keep all the essential information on hand, be precise with your request, and try to shorten the conversation without missing points. The smarter you are with your communication, the faster you will get to your solution. Being smart with customer service can save a lot of time for yourself and the person on the other line.

Wrapping it up!

A smooth and satisfactory consumer experience is a two-way street; if you demand the provider to be best at their work, you must also be careful and considerate with your duties. Being a smart customer is about bringing benefits, getting the best experience, and valuing your time and effort. So next time, before you purchase or call someone for a service, keep all our pointers at your fingertips and have an easy time. Happy shopping!

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