A Smart Tool to Optimize Your Recording’s Quality

Abrupt fluctuations in sound pitch, distracting background sound elements, and inconsistent voice are the key factors disliked by any listener in all kinds of recordings. To optimize an audio or video recording, can be an integrated tool due to its versatility and efficiency of sound quality enhancements. 

This AI voice enhancer is designed to identify and improve sound quality in a podcast, vlog, interview, conference, meeting, news reporting, or any ordinary-recorded mobile audio or video. 

It is for all those looking for the most affordable yet smart tool for improving the voice quality in your audio or video recordings to make them professionally polished. So keep reading to learn how this amazing tool works. 

A Brief  Note to 

It stands among the most efficient and versatile tools for the effortless transformation of an ordinary sound into a professional quality voice in a matter of seconds. Audio enhancer is proficient in recognizing and removing background sounds, balancing sound loudness, and bringing consistency to spoken content. 

As a result, the output voice quality of an audio or video recording will be significantly improved, delivering an excellent and professional listening experience for the audience.

The tool allows the user to choose the type of content to be improved and the preferred kind of adjustment as per the user’s requirements. 

Additionally, it is free (for limited features) and offers premium features for advanced level and more flexible sound quality improvement. 

How it Works to Optimize Your Recording’s Quality?

Audio enhancer online features integrated AI algorithms that enable it to identify and remove background sounds, fluctuating voice loudness and levels, and clean up spoken content. 

You will provide the tool with an ordinary recording having major technical and non-technical irregularities and it will return you a polished, refined, and crystal-clear voice in the blink of an eye! Keep reading to get to know it happens:

  • Clears Background Sounds 

Unintentionally recorded background sounds due to ordinary quality instruments are the major issue, especially with beginners in vlogging, podcasting, or YouTubing.

AI voice enhancer is designed to identify and differentiate between primary voice and unnecessary background sounds and remove them to make the original voice crystal-clear and consistent.

  • Maintain Speech Consistency 

With the help of built-in advanced ML (Machine Learning) algorithms, the audio enhancer tool will identify fluctuations or inconsistencies in speech patterns. Once done, it will then apply corrections to smooth out any irregularities. 

These dynamic adjustments, the tool ensures that the speech remains clear and engaging, regardless of the original quality of the recordings. 

This consistent enhancement of speech quality results in a more polished and professional audio output, enhancing the overall listening experience for the audience.

  • Brings Voice Pitch to an Audible Level 

Bringing the voice to a pleasant-to-hear level is another specialty of this incredible voice enhancer. By adjusting the pitch, tone, and volume with precision, the tool will bring out the richness and clarity in every word, ensuring an enjoyable listening experience for all who hear it.

Note: If the user requires to perform all the sound quality enhancements in a single attempt, the user can choose the “improve overall sound quality” feature from the provided options. 

User-Friendly Features of 

Besides its technical capabilities, the tool also has a few of the following amazing features for the ease of its users:

  • Customize Sound Quality Improvement

The tool allows the user to choose the type of content they need to upload and the preferred kind of adjustment from the four available options. 

  • Supports All Audio/Video File Formats 

With this AI voice enhancer, you can upload all recordings in any of the following formats: .m4a, .mp4, .3gp, .m4b, .aac, .m4p, .m4r, .m4v, .aif, .aiff, .aifc, .avi, .mov, .qt, .mp3, .opus, .ogg, and .wav

  • Accepts Varying File Size and Duration 

For the ease of users and to save time for professionals, the tool allows submissions of varying file sizes, duration, and number of files per submission. If you are a premium user, you will be allowed to upload 3-10 files of duration 1-15 hours, and size 2-4GB. 

  • Free and Efficient 

For all users, the is absolutely free with limited services and features. In its free version, the user can test the efficiency of the tool for their satisfaction before purchasing the premium plans. It is usually categorized among the most versatile, efficient, and user-friendly audio enhancer ai available online. 


Besides its free mode of sound quality enhancement, the tool also offers some premium services for advanced-level content optimization. You can choose any of the following plans as per your requirements:

Basic ($10/month)File Duration: 1 hourFile size: 2GB/fileNumber of files: 3/attemptCloud space: 2GBNo ads and captcha 
Pro ($45/month)File Duration: 5 hourFile size: 2GB/fileNumber of files: 5/attemptCloud space: 10GBNo ads and captcha 
Studio ($90/month)File Duration: 15 hoursFile size: 4GB/fileNumber of files: 10/attemptCloud space: 20GBNo ads and captcha 


  • Does not integrated with online browsers or other devices


The above-detailed functionality and suitability of the tool for users with varying professions showed that it could be an ideal platform for sound quality optimization. 

It will remove the background noise, clean up the speech content, and balance the sound loudness throughout the recordings so that you get flawless and focused audio or video. 

This voice enhancer AI also allows the user to perform customized changes to their podcasts, vlogs, meetings, conferences, etc., or go for an overall sound quality improvement option. 

If you are planning to start a podcast, vlog, YouTube channel, or e-tutoring in 2024, you must try this professional tool. 

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