PIC16F877A – LCD 4Bit Interfacing

LCD 4 bit interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller

In previous LCD tutorials we were used that LCD in 8 bit mode. But here we will see LCD 4 bit interfacing with PIC16F877A Microcontroller. LCD 4 bit interfacing with PIC16F877A Introduction 8 bit mode –  Using 8 data lines in LCD (totally 8 data lines are there) 4 bit mode –  Using only 4 data lines … Read more

PIC16F877A – Relay Interfacing

Relay interfacing with LPC2148

In this tutorial we will learn Relay interfacing with PIC16F877A. Relay is very important component to interface the heavy appliances with the help of microcontroller. Relay Relays are devices which allow low power circuits to switch a relatively high Current/Voltage ON/OFF. A relay circuit is typically a smaller switch or device which drives (opens/closes) an electric switch that … Read more

PIC16F877A – DC Motor Interfacing

DC Motor Interfacing with LPC2148

In this tutorial we are going to learn DC Motor Interfacing with PIC16F877A. Let’s run…. Prerequisites Motor Driver Working (L293D) Introduction When we talk about controlling the robot, the first thing comes into the mind is controlling DC motors. Interfacing DC motor to the microcontroller is very important concept in Robotic applications. By interfacing DC … Read more

PIC16F877A – LCD Interfacing Tutorial

LCD Interfacing with LPC2148

In this tutorial we will learn LCD Interfacing with PIC16F877A. LCD Interfacing with PIC16F877A LCD DISPLAY We always use devices made up of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) like computers, digital watches and also DVD and CD players. They have become very common and have taken a giant leap in the screen industry by clearly replacing … Read more

PIC16F877A GPIO Tutorial

8051 GPIO Tutorial

Now we are going to see PIC16F877A LED Interfacing Tutorial (PIC16F877A GPIO Tutorial). If you want to interface LED, you should know Registers used for GPIO. At the end of this tutorial you will be familiar with the PIC GPIO’s and the associated registers for configuring and accessing the GPIO’s. Prerequisites PIC16F877A Introduction PIC16F877A GPIO Tutorial … Read more

PIC16F877A – Introduction

In this article we will see the PIC16F877A Introduction. PIC Introduction Peripheral Interface Controllers (PIC) is one of the advanced microcontrollers developed by microchip technologies. These microcontrollers are widely used in modern electronics applications.  A PIC controller integrates all type of advanced interfacing ports and memory modules. These controllers are more advanced than normal microcontroller … Read more