Password Based Door Open System Using LPC2148

In this tutorial we are going to see Password Based Door Open System Using LPC2148 Project.


Before we will start i would suggest you to read these topics. Then only you can understand this strongly. If you already know, please go ahead.

Password Based Door Open System Using LPC2148


In the present scenario of the world, security is a major concern for all, and the security problem is being faced by every person. The usual means of securing anything is through mechanical locks, which operate with a specific key or a few keys; but, for locking a large area many locks are necessary. However, conventional locks are heavy and do not offer the desired protection as they can be easily broken down by using some tools. Therefore, security breaching problems are associated with the mechanical locks.However to decide the electronic based locking system problems that are associated with the mechanical locks.

Nowadays, many devices’ operations are based on digital technology. For example, token based digital identity device. Here we will see  Password Based Door Open System Using LPC2148.

Application and Advantage

  • Can be used in various rooms like seminar hall, conference room, and study rooms in college.
  • The project (password detector) can be used to automate the door locking process, so the user need not to carry the door lock keys along with them, they need to just remember the password and use it later to open the door.
  • It will add the good security.

Components Required

  • LPC2148 Development board
  • LCD Module
  • 4*3 Keypad
  • DC Motor
  • L293D (Motor Driver)

Software Required

  • Keil IDE

Block Diagram

The working of this project can be described by the below block diagram. It consists of blocks as a microcontroller, a keypad, an LCD, a DC motor and a motor driver.

  • The keypad is an input device which helps to enter a password to open the door.
  • Then, it gives the entered code signals to the microcontroller.
  • The LCD is used to indicating devices for  displaying the information.
  • The DC motor moves the door to open and close and the motor driver drives the motor after receiving the code signals from the microcontroller.

Circuit Diagram


  • RS – P0.2
  • RW – GND
  • EN – P0.3
  • Data lines – P0.4 to P0.7 (4 Bit Mode)

DC Motor (Motor Driver):

  • Input 1 – Port 0.16
  • Input 2 – Port 0.17
  • Enable 1 – P0.18


  • R1 – P1.16
  • R2 – P1.17
  • R3 – P1.18
  • R4 – P1.19
  • C1 – P1.20
  • C2 – P1.21
  • C3 – P1.22

Password Based Door Open System Using LPC2148


It will ask for the Password. By default password is “5555”. It will open the door and again will close if we enter correct password. Otherwise it wont open the door at all.



You can also add many features in this project, like you can send message to the owner if multiple wrong attempts, you can add buzzer.



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