Pointers in C – Part 2

Pointers Advanced concepts in C

This is the continuation of the last tutorial. Now, we will discuss Pointers Advanced concepts.  You can also read different types of pointers, Qualifiers in C, and Embedded Interview topics. Pointers Advanced concepts Now, we will try to develop an understanding of some of the relatively complex concepts. The following are explained in this article … Read more

Pointers in C – Part 1

Pointers in C

In this tutorial, we are going to see the pointers in C programming. This is a very big concept. So, we have split this into two parts. Please check out the pointers part 2.  You can also read, Different types of pointers, bitwise operators, and embedded interview topics. Pointers in C Introduction The concept of … Read more

Qualifier in C (Const and Volatile)

qualifier in c

Today we are going to see Qualifier in C programming (Const and Volatile). This is a very important topic in the C and embedded domain. In an interview, this would be the first question in the C language. What is the volatile keyword? Why we use Volatile? What is the difference between const and volatile? … Read more

Typedef in C

Typedef in C

This tutorial explains typedef in c programming. Typedef in C Although typedef is thought of as being a storage class, it isn’t really. It allows you to introduce synonyms for types that could have been declared some other way. The new name becomes equivalent to the type that you wanted, as this example shows. typedef … Read more

Enum (Enumeration) in C

Enumeration in C Language Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss Enumeration in C language. You can also read, Embedded interview topics, Types of pointers in c, Pointers – 1, Pointers – 2, and typecasting in C. The enumeration in C Language Tutorial Introduction Enumerated Types are a special way of creating your own Type in C. The … Read more

Storage Class in C

storage classes in C language

In this tutorial, we will discuss the storage classes in C language. You can also read the atomic variables in Linux kernel, typedef in c, pointers in c, compilation steps, and memory layout in C. Storage classes in C language Tutorial Before moving ahead, let’s quickly understand the difference between the lifetime and the scope … Read more