Accident Detection And Alerting System Using GSM

Accident Detection And Alerting System Using 8051 Microcontroller


This project is Accident Detection And Alerting System Using 8051 Microcontroller. When an individual riding his/her bike, meets with an accident, there is a chance that the individual may suffer from a serious injury or expire instantaneously and there is no one around to help him. Well this system is a solution to the problem. The system acts as an accident identification system that gathers and sends this vehicle information that met with an accident, and conveys it to the nearest control room.

For this the user vehicle is fixed with a GSM module and vibration sensor along with microcontroller. Whenever a user vehicle meets with any accident, the vibration sensor detects and gives its output. This output is then detected by the microcontroller. Now the microcontroller sends this change detection signal to a GSM Module. GSM Module begins sending the accident data by SMS. We can give anyone number. for example police number, ambulance number, doctor number etc. Here we are also using LCD Module. This displays the status. Whenever accident happens buzzer will activate.

Components Required

  • 8051 Development board
  • LCD Module
  • GSM Module
  • Vibration Sensor
  • Buzzer

Software Required

  • Keil IDE

Suggest to Read

Before see the code, first you can see the basic interfacing tutorials of these components.

Block Diagram

Circuit Diagram


  • RS – P2.0
  • RW – P2.1
  • EN – P2.2
  • Data lines – P1


  • Ground Terminal – P0.0

Vibration Sensor:

  • Output Pin – P3.3


  • GSM RX – P3.1
  • GSM TX – P3.0


If you want to download full project, Please visit Here.





  • Vibration sensor continuously checking the vibration.
  • If any vibration, it will give the signal to the Microcontroller.
  • Then Microcontroller Activates the Buzzer.
  • Then Display the status in LCD Module.
  • Then Microcontroller sends the message to given number.
  • And also it will call to that numbers.

[Download this Project ]


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